Full Mouth Reconstruction –
Repair Your Smile

Full mouth reconstruction addresses severe issues in the oral cavity, whether it’s a result of disease, trauma, or infection. The procedure usually involves a combination of dental treatments to restore the health, functionality and appearance of the teeth and gums.

What Does A Full Mouth Reconstruction Involve?

The treatments required for a full mouth reconstruction will vary case by case, and can involve a mix of the following procedures:

How Do I Know If Dental Bonding Is Right For Me?

The various stages of your reconstruction will require separate dental appointments spread out over the course of your treatment plan. For this reason, full mouth reconstructions typically take several months to complete.

To find out what your treatment plan might look like, it’s essential to book an appointment with our dentist first. We’ll complete a full dental screening to assess your oral health, and discuss any concerns or goals you might have for the treatment.

During your consultation, we’ll examine the condition of your teeth, gums, and bite alignment, and assess the appearance of your teeth. After that, we’ll lay out a comprehensive dental reconstruction treatment plan, and give you an estimation of the cost.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you might consider dental bonding:

  • Orthodontics
  • Damaged or infected tooth removal
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental crowns
  • Veneers
  • Dental implants
  • TMJ treatment
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Dental cleaning

Who Are Full Mouth Reconstructions For?

Full mouth reconstructions are reserved for oral cavities that have been severely broken down by gum disease, trauma, oral infections, or complicated bites. The only way to tell if you need a full mouth reconstruction is by visiting our dentists for an oral examination.

Think You Could Benefit From A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction can dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life. From easier chewing to increased confidence and fewer dental problems, the benefits of the treatment are worth considering if your teeth are badly broken down.

To find out if you are a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction, book an appointment with our dentist in Edina.